crash course driving lessons guaranteed pass

crash course driving lessons guaranteed pass


we offer lots of different driving courses to suit your needs. The Guaranteed Pass driving test course is our latest offer, and is becoming very popular for pupils who need to pass and would like to do it stress-free.

We will continue to work with you for as long as it takes at no extra cost.


How does it work?

  • This course is ideal for the learner driver who has previously had around 20 hours of supervised driving tuition with a fully qualified DVSA driving instructor
  • You will receive unlimited driving lessons, 1 attempt at your theory test and 1 attempt at your practical test
  • We will continue to provide lessons, however any further theory or practical tests must be paid for by the pupil

Crash Driving Course.It seems a strange name for a driving course but its the name a lot of learners know an Intensive Driving Course by. Its the best way to learn to drive, the old way of a lesson per week meant learning to drive took forever and learners got fed up and usually packed it in before they passed their test. They then usually had another go some time later and then packed it in again. Intensive Driving Course means you start and finish in a short space of time. With the old way you also forgot what you had been taught the week before so progress was very slow.

We are the leaders in the field of Intensive Driver Training and all of our driving courses are tailored to ensure that on the DSA practical driving test you are capable of passing the test.


how much is a crash course

how much is a crash course


Please complete our questionnaire below to find out which length of driving course is most suitable for you. All of our courses are run between 1 – 4 weeks prior to your test date with your final driving lesson being on the test date itself. After taking the questionnaire, if you are still unsure of which course to choose we would recommend you add an assessment driving lesson onto your order where you will receive professional advice and guidance from your driving instructor on the length of course applicable to your current driving ability. This will ensure you are best equipped and trained for the practical test.

How Much Is A Crash Course?

Step 1 – We take payment for the course and book the quickest theory test available in your area (already passed the theory test? move to Step 2).

Step 2 – We take payment for the course and book the quickest driving test available in your area.

Step 3 – We assign your driving instructor who will contact you to arrange your course of lessons leading upto the test date.

Step 4 – You begin the course on your first driving lesson and take your test on the test day.

Why choose to do an intensive driving course with over other driving schools?

  • Our driving school specializes in teaching intensive courses. We have driving instructors that teach intensive driving courses on a full time basis. This means that our instructors are specialists at what they do and ensures you’re in safe hands with us.
  • We are one of the largest and most reputable intensive driving schools in the U.K
  • We offer you full customer care support at our call centre, who books your tests for your course and is there for any help you require.
  • We protect your funds. Paying £289+ for a course means you want to ensure you are choosing a company that you can trust. At Pass N Go we protect your funds and only release payments to the driving instructor for the lessons you’ve completed.
  • As you’re doing your training intensively you will be better equipped for your driving test. Your skills will be sharper when you go for test as you would’ve just practiced them more recently. Intensive courses with Pass N Go have a pass rate of almost double the national average!

cheap driving lessons isle of wight

cheap driving lessons isle of wight




Here at Driving lessons Isle of wight , we pride ourselves in tailoring our intensive courses to fit the individual. Here are a few examples of what we can offer to you, and what our courses involve:

    • All of our courses have the option of including your theory and/or practical test. If you have your test already booked please call and ask our friendly sales team as we may still be able to help.


    • We recommend the ‘Highway Code’ and ‘focus all’  test DVD, both of which can be purchased from our online shop, to help you pass your theory test. There is also a ‘Hazard perception’ DVD and ‘Know your traffic signs’ book. Click here to have a look for yourself: 


    • If you’re unsure as to how many hours you’d like, we can give you an assessment lesson which enables the instructor and yourself to see how close you are to test standard. All of our courses include a flexible amount of hours – if you take less hours than you have paid for then we can refund you any unused hours, subject to terms and conditions.


    • There is no specific way to take the hours, we make sure the lessons fit around your lifestyle up to your test date. We will cover evening, weekends, and daytimes, which ever suits YOU!


    • Once at test standard we offer a Test Cancellation service, where we will search for cancelled tests, so you can take your test sooner.


    • All of our courses receive full support from our office staff; they will book you your test so there is no hassle on your part. Your course can be full intensive (over a number of days) or semi-intensive (over a few weeks.) It all comes down to how you feel you learn best, and how you want to fit the course around your lifestyle.

driving schools isle of wight

driving schools isle of wight

Driving Instructor





There is an art to being a good driver and I have been teaching people to become good drivers for over ten years.



Learning to drive is a lifetime skill which gives you the freedom to go your own way – safely. 



Lessons with me will be fun and they will be challenging, but they will always be at a pace that suits you.




In 2016, nineteen of the twenty six pupils that have taken their practical driving test with me have passed 1st time.